The Capital Card® not only helps service users in their recovery, but is designed to include service users who are looking at gaining new skills and experience. Capital Card® Ambassadors are peer mentors who want to help expand the Capital Card® scheme for their local service and provide the community a chance to support service users. Eleanora is Peer Support Mentor in Brent, a ex-service user who has completed training to help other service users in their treatment. Eleanora is now training to be a Capital Card® Ambassador.

“I think the idea of a little extra motivation in the right direction is great for users. It’s just that extra little push that really makes a difference.

It’s great that Users can get clothes, books and shoes at the Capital Card® Shop with just the points that they get through attending the service. Not all the users who come here would be able to get this stuff, they may not have a lot of money; new clothes or even basic toiletries would really help them out.

At the Capital Card Shop®, I got a pair of Jeans and also got an ink set. I’ve started drawing and calligraphy with it! Now I want to save my points so that I can go Swimming at the gym!

The Capital Card® really helps me to get out of the house and do things that will help me; like being able to go to the gym. I’d be sitting doing nothing without it- and it’s really easy to fall back into old habits.

I’m now doing Capital Card® Ambassador training, where I will be able to go out and talk to local businesses about the Capital Card®, helping to grow the scheme. It’s small at the moment, but I really believe in the idea and have seen the motivation and nudge it gives people here. “

Eleanora-Barnet Peer Support Mentor and CC ambassador

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