City Lit Adult Education Courses

City Lit is where London Learns!

City Lit are supporting WDP’s Capital Card scheme by giving Users access to over 5,000 courses at their London based campus in Covent Garden! 

First founded by the London County Council and welcoming the first students in 1919, City Lit has been offering students a range of educational courses for almost a hundred years!

City Lit were rated as “Good with Outstanding features” following an Ofsted inspection in 2016. Their most recent student satisfaction survey saw 98% of students (Sept-Dec 2016 & Jan-Apr 2017) rate their experience with City Lit as Excellent (78%) or Good (20%).

Courses offered range from Languages to Performing Arts, Science to History and Culture. There’s a course for everybody at City Lit!

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Courses that are run over a

single day will require 50 points.

Courses that are 

6 weeks will require 100 points.

Courses that are

 12 weeks will require 200 points.


Courses take place at City Lit’s Covent Garden building in Central London:

Keeley Street

Covent Garden




Other CIty Lit locations include:

Euston House, 24 Eversholt Street, London NW1 1AD

and The Fashion Retail Academy

15 Gresse Street, London, W1T 1QL

All are within 30 mins walk from the main building on Keeley Street.

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Please talk to your Key-Worker if you are interested in any of the courses available.

They will assess your eligibility and complete the necessary enrollment paperwork.

Points tariff

Day courses will require 50 points, 6 week courses require 100 points and 12 week courses will require 200 points.

Please speak to your Key-Worker who will go through the necessary enrollment paperwork.