GLL Better Gyms-Barnet

Please be aware that currently only Copthall Leisure Centre is able to redeem Capital Card points. We are currently working on this so that Capital Cards can be accepted across Better Gyms Barnet.

Better gyms in Barnet are offering Capital Card users a free annual Pay and Play membership, allowing you to access 5 leisure centres throughout Barnet and redeem gym, swim sessions or fitness classes all for Capital Card points!


Better Gyms Barnet have 5 leisure centres that you can access throughout Barnet:

Burnt Oak Leisure Centre

Barnet Copthall Leisure Centre

Church Farm Leisure Centre

Finchley Lido Leisure Centre

Hendon Leisure Centre


Just roll up to any of the Better gyms across Barnet with your Capital Card to receive your free annual Pay and Play membership and book your induction session (40 points).

Points tariff

You will need to attend an induction session if your are a new user (40 points).

With your Pay and Play membership each session is 10 points (including gym, swim sessions and fitness classes).